Helping to Lead you Towards Positive Change

Houston Educational Consultants (HEC) is comprised of a group of mental health professionals who believe our clients want to make positive changes. The professionals at HEC provide evaluation, counseling, executive coaching, and customized educational services to meet the demands of today’s world.


Our team has done numerous assessments for community agencies, schools and small to midsize organizations in the Houston area. Evaluations are often used to provide a starting point for interventions and positive growth.


Often we go through stressors in our life that go beyond our coping strategies. We see our jobs as counselors to work with you and help you build resources to deal with the hand you have been dealt in life. We specialize in the areas of parenting, grief and loss, depression, and going through life changes.


We provide numerous custom workshops for parents, educators, and professionals on a number of topics including: Team Development, Change Management and Managing People and Projects.

Executive Coaching

Successful leadership within organizations requires more than traditional management skills of staff members. Leaders and managers need to learn to facilitate their teams to reach their true level of performance and achievement through commitment, alignment and focus on results.