Assessment is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about a person and their behavior, personality can capabilities.  When combined with information from interviews, observations, and other sources, assessments can help clients explore new and more effective ways of resolving human problems.  Assessments can also provide a starting point for decision-making and life planning.


We offer the following types of assessments:


Psychological assessment includes testing of intellectual functioning and processing, developmental history, clinical interviews, and behavioral/emotional measures.

A parent may want this information to better understand his/her child’s intellectual and emotional functioning and to best determine how to help the child. A DSM-IV diagnosis, if warranted, can be given following this kind of assessment.

A school may want this information to determine if a child qualifies for special education services under the eligibility codes of Emotional Disturbance or Other Health Impaired (for a diagnosis of ADHD). Because the assessors are licensed specialists in school psychology in the state of Texas, we are qualified to make a recommendation for the eligibility code of Emotional Disturbance. For an eligibility code of Other Health Impaired, the signature of a physician is needed (although many physicians first require a psychological report).

Psychoeducational (including bilingual)

Psychoeducational assessment includes testing of intellectual functioning (I.Q.) and academic achievement. A comprehensive test of intellectual functioning will determine how a child best processes information. A test of academic achievement will let you know your child’s areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Academic and Career Guidance

Students contemplating their long term educational and career goals are in the midst of a complex process of self-assessment and exploration. This kind of assessment includes a set of personality and interest inventories. Then students receive a personalized report profiling the strengths and weaknesses and how those factors may affect their career choices.

Employee/Staff Assessments

Staff assessments are one of the most powerful tools for improving performance and accelerating change.  Assessments may be implemented on a stand-alone basis to address specific issues, or they may be included as one component of a broader leadership development plan.